“What if it’s the there
and not the here
that I long for?
The wander
and not the wait,
the magic
in the lost feet
stumbling down
the faraway street
and the way the moon
never hangs
quite the same.”
– Tyler Knott Gregson, 2014

I am a Calgary based photographer and graphic designer.

I was born and raised in the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi. I lived in Singapore for 3 years then moved again to Calgary, my current location. The constant moves and relocation between 3 countries during the first 20 years of my life made me the person that I am today.


I love to travel to see the differences in our cultures and lifestyles. I think our cultural background plays a big part in forming who we are as a person and among a whole. I like to observe the different ways people of different culture interact with each other.

Calgary is home to me. For how much I’ve traveled and the many cities I’ve lived in, I have considered Calgary to be my home. It has that small town feel, yet you still get to live that big city life. I love the random warm smiles I get walking down the streets, the smell of fresh snow, the many unique shapes of little snow flakes, the many colours of fall… For international kids like me, we often don’t know where our home is or where we belong to. Not until we get home sick, or get to experience that ‘home sick’ feeling. I was lucky enough to have found my “home”.

I am taking on new projects for existing and new small businesses. From business cards, menu designs, to web and social media management, I have you all covered. Check out my design works under Portfolio or my photographs under Gallery.

Let’s have a coffee and chat about what I can help to market your business and build your brand or about your next photography session!


I have always loved photography, art and design. My passion really took off after I graduated university and got a job as a Marketing Manager for 2 restaurants in Calgary:

NEXT DOOR WINE BAR Brand building for a wine bar in Calgary, AB. Created logo, website, menu, other related marketing materials. Effectively built and managed multiple social media channels with engaging content.


TOSCANA ITALIAN GRILL Social media and website managing for an Italian restaurant in Calgary, AB. Created special event menus and related advertising materials to support the success of campaigns across media.


IABC/CALGARY Volunteer as Social Media and Event Manager for the International Association of Business Communicator in the Calgary Chapter. Develop and execute strategic social media plans that reflect positively on the brand’s image and help increase its events and brand awareness



Content Management 100%
Social Media Management 95%
Website Management 90%
Adobe Photoshop 100%
Corel Draw 100%
Adobe InDesign 90%
Adobe Illustrator 85%